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Our project

We believe in quality, culture, history in a world where everything is authentic and hospitality forms the basis for every relationship.
We are a family for whom all this represents a certain style of life, values we believe in and which we have brought up our children in.
For this, and many other things, we prefer a vineyard which matures in the grapes, with a sensory profile which can be recognised for its clarity, purity, elegance.

Wines which offer all the dignity of strong, unique and honest work. Work of years where the only ally is Time which is the most costly, but often the least adopted, instrument. Between countryside and cellar, between eye and flavour, in search of a style that tastes of this winemaking lifestyle, which gives a sense to work which takes up time and space of life, and which, when all is said and done, is not work at all. Time is at the basis of our winemaking know-how.

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history and tradition from 1960..



In a world where all is close at hand yet foreign, our family attempts to achieve a production style based upon the culture of Tradition, of True, Simple, Transparent things … All together… 1960


Our viticulture and winemaking tradition began in 1960 with the Lugnano in Teverina Estate, in Umbria. Fifty hectares of grape varieties that can be found between the Umbrian hills from which we produced a red table wine, a full-bodied white, called “Oro di Lugnano” and a similarly intense red, named “Rubino di Lugnano”. Later, the passion of our land made us come back to the Region of Le Marche, among the hills of Corridonia and Monte San Giusto, in the Province of Macerata, lands where row upon row of: Cabernet, Merlot, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Pecorino, Sauvignon blanc and Ribona, a variety native to the area of Macerata, stretch out over the countryside, and these grapes represent the True assets of the Santori family.

Our idea is to make small quantities of wine and make it well.

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